Daily Archives: October 24, 2011

Pro Tools 10 Announced

Avid has announced Pro Tools 10 – an update to their cutting-edge audio production software that now includes sharing to SoundCloud.

Tro tools was launched together with the new Pro Tools|HDX digital audio workstation, delivering greater performance, higher sound quality, and innovative new capabilities that set new standards for audio post and music production.

Both are designed to provide the most capable, highest quality, scalable solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry, and deliver better performance, faster workflows, and easier collaboration than ever for professional users.

Pro Tools|HDX

The Pro Tools|HDX system enables customers to mix bigger, more complex productions, with the rock-solid performance and stability that Pro Tools|HD customers have come to expect. This new system represents a milestone in Avid’s development of DSP-accelerated hardware, delivering up to 5x more DSP per card, over a thousand dB of additional headroom, and up to 4x the track counts and 2x the I/O compared to its Pro Tools|HD Accel predecessor. And as customers’ needs grow, the system can be scaled to increase track counts, power, and I/O, using up to three Pro Tools|HDX cards and multiple Pro Tools HD Series interfaces.


With SoundCloud baked into Pro Tools, audio producers from all fields can share their sounds privately with collaborators for feedback or share polished works to the world. So an artist working on a track can send it away for immediate feedback and keep on iterating all while avoiding the steps of exporting and uploading to FTP.

Pro Tools is one of the most popular audio production software choices for recording, composing, editing and mixing both music and sound used by leading music studios and Hollywood sound editors.