Right Brain vs Left Brain Marketers

There is considerable discussion these days about what role data should play in social media strategy. Now, I’m a very data-driven person. I’d like to think I don’t make any decisions without evidence. But, is that always the best way to drive marketing decisions? For instance, I get asked constantly about the best times of day to tweet, how many times a day to post, etc. and my answer is always the same: it depends.

Oh yes, I’ve read the data reports from Hubspot, Exact Target and others. But it still boils down to what works for you. Some calls to action are more oriented to right brain activity (creative, emotive) and some fit better with the left brain. I thought it might be worth taking a look at this infographic from Jason Miller on how the brain processes marketing decisions. It’s interesting food for thought. What about you? Do both sides of your brain guide your marketing decisions, or do you lean one way or the other?

About theemptycanvasexperience

The Empty Canvas Experience is all about the Church experience, which leads to Spiritual Transformation. Every service, everything actually starts with that empty canvas. It takes a synergy between sometimes just one or a few elements to communicate the message. A Message that would lead to insight and even better, integration! Transformation!

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