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give You this day [Greg Ferguson]

give You this day

A prayer to invite God into everything…

give You this day

come Lord Jesus

into my focus
into my awareness
into my sensibilities
my fears

my ability to love
my resolve to act

come Lord Jesus

into my pace
my breathing

into my mind
sharpen it

into my decisions
guide them surely

into my body
tune it

into my perception
attune it

into my eyes
brighten them

into my my conversations
season them

into my faith
make it solid

into my senses
make them vibrant

into my center
make it hold

into my affections
make them true

into my attention
steer it

let me sense
You breathing inside of me

let me submit
to Your guidance system

let me respond
to Your spark of inspiration

let me live this day
animated by You
quickened by You
given fresh oxygen from You

for I am Yours
with a great exhale

i give You this day