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Sliced Photo Effect with Masking Technique


Sliced Photo Effect with Masking Technique Please note: This video is suitable for advanced and intermediate photoshop users! In this video tutorial, I will show you a quick and easy masking technique to get a sliced photo effect First of all, you will need to open photoshop and import all your different exposures into one canvas and order your layer. Once you’ve done that, your ready to start the masking technique! Together we will then apply hidden layer masks to all our layers. Once we are done we will go over to the ruler section and apply guide lines to our canvas. These will help us speedup our masking workflow. We will then take our rectangular marquee tool and create specific selections and delete these certain selections from our hidden masks. Once we are done with our deleting process, we will group all layers and create a master layer to keep our psd file clean. Quick reminder: Don’t forget to select your hidden mask on your layer, before deleting your selection.

The 50 Best Designed Facebook Brand Cover Photos

Facebook cover photos have been around for close to a year now and brands and businesses all over the world have been coming up with lots of imaginative and innovative ways of showcasing their products and services within the confines of the design. We wanted to gather up 50 of the best examples here to provide you with some inspiration for your own designs.


Coca Cola are on the list as you would fully expect and their page is always full of great design and fun happy branding.

Red Bull has been getting a lot of attention recently because of their mad space stunt and its cover photo takes full advantage of that media event.

Pepsi has a huge following globally and it tries to fight back against Coca Cola with a celebrity lead approach on their page.

Guinness is one of the best known beer brands in the world and its page makes you want to run out and grab a pint of the black creamy stuff straight away.

Monster Energy has been trying to fight against the might of Red Bull and its branding is starting to improve with lots of extreme sports and a great Facebook cover photo.

Fanta always seem to be doing something completely different to the other drinks brands. It has this unique 3D experience on their page which helps them stand out.

Sprite is all about that refreshing citrus taste and the design on their cover photo makes you want to run out and get a lovely fresh bottle of their drink.

Smirnoff US has a page that encourages you to go out and party and to drink their Vodka to have a better time. Its page screams of having a good time.

Carlsberg has a fairly clever way of showing a beer being poured and looking at the page for long enough would make you think about going and pouring yourself one.

Schweppes shows a smart way of getting its marketing message across on their page. showing all the different ways in which you can enjoy the drink during a typical day.

Baileys has a lovely image that seems to have been taken specifically with a wide shot for the cover photo on their Facebook page with the colors matching the drink and brand.

Bushmills is an Irish whiskey brand that clearly focuses on their largely male audience with their cover photo and adds a sense of fun to the brand.

West Coast Cooler is another page that has a slick design that shows off a couple of its most beautiful bottles

Bulmers Pear this refreshing pear drink has a great cover photo that just makes you want to run out and grab one of its large bottles.


Pringles takes a really quirky approach to its cover photo and their latest picture show a young man getting eating up by one of its cans.

Ben & Jerry’s has always focused on the cows that they use to create their wonderful ice cream as one of their main marketing images.

Tesco use its Facebook page to show their softer side to really try and appeal to their core target market and make people feel at home on the page.

Nestlé started pretty badly on Facebook with a couple of scandals around its page but it has clearly started improving the design to give it a real family feel.

Mr. Tayto are an Irish crisp brand and they have a great way of showing off its entertainment park and the latest things that are happening there through their cover photo designs.

Cadbury Bournville is one of the most iconic chocolate brands in the world and its page just oozes class and makes you want to run out and buy a bar immediately.


Nokia has a gorgeous page that fits in with the operating system on their new phones by showing off the various tiles.

iTunes is the one stop shop for music and as you would expect, the cover photo features some of their best artists and lots of reasons to buy more tracks.

Sony has a bunch of different products and businesses to promote, but its movies often feature on the cover photo and can provide a great backdrop to their page.

Philips Home Living always has a really nice and simple way of showing off their products like the fridge below that fits in with a larger cover image.


Urban Outfitters is one of the most stylish brands in the world and as you would expect, its page is an explosion of colors and latest trends,

Diesel is an iconic fashion brand who like to show off some of their latest looks on their cover photo and sort of treat it like a shop window.

Marks and Spencer Ireland is another fashion brand who like to show off their latest looks on their cover photo and fit it in with their profile photo. is another fashion site who like to show off the latest trends on its cover photo by combining new looks and outfits.

Chloé is one of the most iconic fashion brands around and as you would expect, it has a clean, elegant and classy cover photo.


Disney Pixar has a collection of its most iconic characters and they are all on display on its Facebook cover photo.

Pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic movies of all time and it is only fitting that the director adorns the cover photo on this page.

The Simpsons would have to have Homer in the profile being chased and causing a disaster. An absolutely brilliant use of the cover photo and profile.


Virgin Atlantic has always been known for their innovative marketing and its Facebook cover photo is no different.

Turkish Airlines use its Facebook cover photo to communicate the fact that it’s one of the best airlines in Europe as per a competition voted by passengers.

KLM is one of the best companies ever when it comes to social media and its Facebook cover page does not let them down in terms of design.

Quantas has a simple design that conveys all the core brand values, gets some basic information across and is beautifully designed.


Porsche is one of the most desired brands in the world and by liking this page, you can expect lots of slick design and beautiful cover photos.

BMW do one thing well on its Facebook page and that is sharing amazing photos of the latest cars. Its cover photo changes all the time.

Chevy Camaro is starting to grow lots of international sponsorships and its page is simple, elegant and gets all the info that you need across.


Tiffany is a company that many girls around the world follow and its cover photo has a series of impossibly expensive diamonds spread out.

MAC cosmetics is a make-up company, but instead of focusing on pure beauty, it has come up with a brilliant way of showing off the latest holidays.

Crest Canada dental companies usually keep a nice, simple and clean design to remind people how effective their toothpaste is.

CarMax helps you find all the latest model cars and its page gets their basic product offering and information across with minimum fuss.

Angry Birds is a page that you can always visit and expect fun from and its cover photo is updated on a regular basis to provide new games and features.

Interactivity Marketing is the perfect example of a page that people interesting in marketing or running their own agency should follow. It gets a lot of simple information across about their expertise.

Discover Northern Ireland is a tourist page and as you would expect, it features lots of lovely imagery of their country by also linking in with topical local events.

Ticketmaster stick to their simple brand colors and essentially offer an extension of the look and feel of their website. Simple but nice.

Jean Paul Gaultier “Le Male” is one of the most iconic brands in aftershave and its page is a gorgeous design that uses the profile photo perfectly.